an Italian feast

Over the summer, we gathered with family friends for a feast. (When Derek lived in India back in 2011, this is the family with whom he resided.) Keren brought her cookware to my parent's home to teach us how to make a traditional Indian meal.

On Saturday (after two reschedules (one due to Jonas the blizzard), we traded spots. We headed out to Ephrata to teach some of our favorite Italian classics: sauce (or gravy - depending from where in Italy you reside), stuffed shells, meatballs, and chicken cutlets. YUM. The little girls sucked Big Guy into a game of war.

The rest of us were busy in the kitchen.

Poor Derek had to trim the chicken to Nonna specifications. This is no easy task.

We couldn't find Sanjay's selfie stick, but here we are enjoying the spread!

Thanks for hosting us, friends! What will we be learning to make next time?