a weekend move

Over the weekend, my grandmother moved from her home in New York to another home nearby there. So my aunt and mom recruited the available grandchildren to help move her stuff. Since Adam, my cousin, and Aaron, my husband, have bigger muscles than April (Adam's wife) and me, the boys went to help move while we stayed at the home of Adam and April (and Lincoln and Quinn) with our combined six little people. After a late bedtime and an earlier-than-usual wake up, we needed breakfast: pancakes!

Then, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We ventured up the street to the home of my other cousin, Nicole, where she was having a yard sale. (She's very pregnant, so she wasn't valuable for lifting and moving things for Grandma either.)

We got a tour of their newly finished basement led by Nicole's daughter, Zaelynn. Sort of. Zae's just a few weeks younger than Jesse, so she didn't have much to say. But she's very friendly.

We scootered back to blow bubbles with Lincoln and Quinn.

Nicole recommended this playground over on Lake Cowanesque.

In the afternoon, my brother, Ryan, and his three kids came down to hang out. (His wife, Lauren, was working, so Ryan was also unavailable to help with the move.)

Zak and Nicole joined the party, too.

Some of the neighbors commented on the daycare appearance we were developing at our end of the cul-de-sac. With ten kids six and under, their perspective seemed accurate.

We couldn't have gotten better weather - especially since last Saturday they were building snowmen with the April snowstorm.

When my brother, Derek, arrived with Adam and Aaron (after they had finished helping with the move), he was greeted with lots of love.

Thank you, Adam and April (and Lincoln and Quinn), for hosting us!