a Frozen Fever birthday

Not to be confused with Lydia's Frozen birthday party, Anna requested a Frozen Fever birthday party. So on Tuesday - when Lydia had no school due to primary elections here in Pennsylvania - we decorated the pavilion at our favorite Branchwood Park for Anna's birthday party. We looked to Anna's (the princess, not my daughter) dress from Frozen Fever for our inspired color palette and sunflower decor.

Lydia says to tell you they looked more like sunflowers when they weren't squished on one plate.

Here's our birthday girl!

Sometimes Anna wore the Frozen Fever dress.

When two of your friends also have four kids each, a three person invitation goes a long way for party guests.

It rained for fifteen minutes, just as the weather predicted, so after eating during the rain shower, the grounds crew went out with towels to dry off the playground. (They took their work very seriously.)

A post-nursing baby shot. (Not my baby. But still: swoon.)

High demand for the baby swings.

Thanks for celebrating Anna with us, friends!