Russ Ramsey's Behold the King of Glory

It is Holy Week, and I apologize for not sharing this with you until now. One of our favorite Advent routines is reading Russ Ramsey's Behold the Lamb of God. Last year, Russ released a narrative for the Lenten season: Behold the King of Glory: a narrative of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So just as we read Behold the Lamb aloud together during Advent, we read Behold the King of Glory together during Lent.

Russ's words are a gift. I highly recommend these books. I particularly love his writing here, as part of the story of the woman washing Jesus's feet with her hair and perfume:
The scent that covered Jesus's body, filling the room, would remain on him for the next several days before the scented oils dissipated and were spent. He knew well what those days would bring. Mary's perfume would stay with him through everything Judas had set in motion: his arrest, trial death, and burial. Judas's and the chief priests' plan would not be able to escape Mary's gift. Every lash of a whip would release the scent of nobility into the air. With every blow to his face, every rub of the cross bean, every tearing away of a garment from a wound, the scent of opulence would fill the air and linger wherever he went as though a king had passed through this violent world and left behind his spirit. - Russ Ramsey, Behold the King of Glory