When it was 70 degrees two weeks ago, I got to work on the project that's been sitting in my basement since August. My parents had a dresser from their college friend that I used in my room as a kid. It then migrated to the basement until my sister relocated it to her home in Manyunk. She painted it from white to coral - bright flamingo coral. When she moved to our former home in South Philadelphia, it wasn't going to travel up the spiral staircase, so it went up for grabs. I claimed it, but the coral gave me a headache. So with the weather warming up, I took the opportunity to finally sand off the flamingo paint.

There are no photos of this process. It's boring: sand with 60 forever. Then 100. Then 220. (I used our orbital sander.) Then buy paint. I headed to the local paint store where they talked up the Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint. I did some online review research, and I went with it. They told me I didn't need a primer (since it was already painted). I could've even just painted over the flamingo, but I wanted to smooth out some of the dings and paint drips anyway. So after five coats of semi-gloss Dolphin (Benjamin Moore AF-715) (which is darker than my favorite Thunder (Benjamin Moore AF-685) but compliments it perfectly if I ever have those beautiful walls again) and five days to rest, it's finally in use!

Well, we don't use it in the garage. It's now home in Lydia's and Heidi's room where they share it. (Lydia has the left side because she's left-handed, and Heidi has the right side because she's right-handed. Their logic. Quite genius.)

I still need to relocate that sign to recenter it with the dresser there now. Oops. (This isn't a professional decorating blog anyway. This is just real life for us.)