On Thursday afternoon, Aaron and I drove into the city for a meeting: we closed on our house. I will forever bemoan that we failed to take a photo together as we sold our home to the same people to whom we leased it upon our move in 2014. How often do you get to sell your house - a place you loved - to people you love? And we didn't even take a picture to celebrate. Fail.

Here's a picture of one of its inhabitants with our girls on the day she welcomed her little sister into the world, back in 2013. (I got to witness the announcement that the new baby was indeed a girl (as she had predicted), but I couldn't video record and let her talk on the phone to her parents at the same time - shoot.)

It seems fitting that she will find out the news of another sibling's arrival sometime in March in this same home, waiting again in this same window for her daddy to bring her to the hospital.

It also seemed fitting to arrive home from closing to find this newly published photo book had been delivered in our absence. (I'm working backwards from 2013 to catch up over here.)

It contains photos of the renovations we did. Remember all those "beautiful" mirrors?

The kitchen transformation.

The pink bathroom.

We are so grateful for this home and for the ways God used it in our story and in the story of others while we lived there and for the ways he continues and will continue to use it in so many stories going forward.

Welcome home, friends!