save a drink save a life

I usually forget to mention this before lent begins, but I remembered to say something now instead of later. (If only because I'm already thinking about making fashnachts on Tuesday, but - hey - I remembered!)

Lent starts next week, and each year we drink only water as part of Blood Water Mission's Save a Drink Save a Life campaign. (It used to be called forty days of water, and we still call it that around here. Whoops.)

I drink a lot of water anyway, but it's alarming every year how much I want hot chocolate or tea or wine or anything that is not water when forty days of water rolls around. Although, that's the whole purpose of why I give something up during lent: to remind me of my brokenness and my need for Jesus. As I reflected in 2013, drinking only water gives me daily reminders that this is the season of lent - how my appetite for something reminds me of how depraved I am. As Ann Vos Kamp said in her post two years ago, "I forsake and I fast and I forget and I flounder and I fall . . . I fail." The season of lent invites me into preparing for Easter - where grace did what I could not do.