Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was nothing at which to bat an eyelash in my childhood, besides that we got a day off from school. I don't remember discussing it much, if at all, in my classes (which may definitely be more my fault than the fault of my teachers, but I digress).

When we lived in Nashville, our friend attended dental school Meharry Medical College where MLK Day was a massive celebration. He told us all about it every year, and we caught a (very small) glimpse of how important this day is to the black community.

We have some friends in Nashville who venture to Lookout Mountain (as seen in this video), but that's quite a drive from Pennsylvania.

I've really wanted to do something similar for all of the reasons Kristen talks about. But specifically, I really appreciate what she says at the end of this video: "Your [her son] brown skin reminds me of courage and of incredible strength in the midst of unimaginable injustice that points to a God who says I am with you and I will not leave you here, but I will come after you and I will come rescue you; and this isn't the end of the story."

Last year the day snuck up on me. In my last minute scrambling,  we watched the speech together (thank you, YouTube), and then we went to a park with our cowbells and shouted "Let Freedom Ring!" as I read the end of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech.

Once again, the day snuck up on me, but we're still aiming to start our tradition. 

We're heading to Hawk Mountain to the North Lookout or South Lookout (depends on that 21 degree forecast as to which walk we will do) sometime around 10am. If anyone wants to join us, just let me know!