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In December, I intentionally unintentionally skipped the recipe post. I tried zero new recipes in December because Christmas - to me - is for cooking familiar recipes: comfort food season at its finest. But in recent weeks, I've tried a couple new recipes that have proven delicious. So here they are to share with you!

Also noteworthy, I updated the "recipe" tab on the blog up there, so every recipe I've ever mentioned on this blog should be linked there by recipe title. I grouped them by food blog and then alphabetically.

As I was going through these recipes, I ended up making a lot of them in recent weeks. Before I share a few new finds, I'll give you a quick list of the recipes I made last month from the ones I've already shared in previous posts.
Creamy White Chicken ChiliKale + Brussels Sprout Chopped Salad (Honey Poppy Seed Dressing) - Pecan-Crusted Chicken - Perfect Roasted Broccoli - Fattoush Salad - Chipotle Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl - Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeno Sauce - Breakfast Polenta BowlNo-Bake Healthy Granola Bites  (we make them as bars) - Chocolate Chip Bars with a Salty Pretzel Crust - No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

As for this post (as usual), the images belong to the original food blogger as noted beneath each image.

How Sweet It Is: Brown Butter Herb Garlic Knots
My house smelled like the local Italian restaurant (whose garlic knots we love) when these came out of the oven. They're truly simple. Plus, I am always impressed when I successfully bake a bread.

image: How Sweet It Is

Simply Scratch: Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls
I needed a roll for the famous swiss-and-ham-sandwich-wrapped-in-foil dinner. These did the trick.
image: Simply Scratch

Pinch of Yum: Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry
I hesitate to post this one because I had braced myself for a dinner full of whining and complaining. Aaron and I were mostly unimpressed, but the kids ate it without a second glance and requested seconds. Lydia even asked me to make it again. (Are you kidding me?) Plus, it's vegan, and some of you (hi, Leah!) love when I post vegan recipes. (Just skip the peanuts, Leah.)
image: Pinch of Yum

Simply Scratch: Homemade Pizza Calzones
I made these for a potluck, so I didn't actually get to eat a whole one by myself. Guess I'll just have to make them again.

Have you discovered any delicious and new-to-you recipes recently?