2016 blizzard: our weekend with Jonas

We woke up on Saturday morning to drifts of snow all around.

This was as far as the camera went because by the time I followed them out the door, Anna and Jesse were already howling about the wind.

Later that morning, I took Lydia and Heidi sledding.

That's a lot of snow coming down!

During naps, Aaron and I shoveled (and used our neighbor's snow blower).

Lydia and Heidi joined the shoveling effort at the neighbor's while I stayed inside with the winded toddlers. (I snuck outside with my camera for a hot second.)

So much snow still coming down! (That's the view of the back of our house from our neighbor's.)

Come Sunday morning, the sun was out, and we went outside to dig out.

I'm honestly not even sure how much snow we got because of all the drifts, but I read 31.9 inches in Allentown and 22.4 in Philadelphia. We are nearly smack in the middle, so I figure between 23-31 inches of snow come down here. Crazy!!!

(Saturday morning)

(Sunday morning)


  1. Those kids are absolutely adorable. The thing with kids is that they can not tell between 12 inches and 50 inches, they just want to get dressed and out there. My little one and me built an igloo that lasted for several days. There is something about getting out there with the kids and letting all life's worries disappear for the day.

    Kristina Cobb @ Dennys Lawn


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