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favorite recipes

In December, I intentionally unintentionally skipped the recipe post. I tried zero new recipes in December because Christmas - to me - is for cooking familiar recipes: comfort food season at its finest. But in recent weeks, I've tried a couple new recipes that have proven delicious. So here they are to share with you!

Also noteworthy, I updated the "recipe" tab on the blog up there, so every recipe I've ever mentioned on this blog should be linked there by recipe title. I grouped them by food blog and then alphabetically.

As I was going through these recipes, I ended up making a lot of them in recent weeks. Before I share a few new finds, I'll give you a quick list of the recipes I made last month from the ones I've already shared in previous posts.
Creamy White Chicken ChiliKale + Brussels Sprout Chopped Salad (Honey Poppy Seed Dressing) - Pecan-Crusted Chicken - Perfect Roasted Broccoli - Fattoush Salad - Chipotle Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl - Crispy Fish Ta…

a family puzzle

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

On Monday, Big Guy and Nonna invited us over for dinner. We found this at the dining room table. (This was a Christmas gift from Aunt Rachel to Big Guy.)

Oh, how we love puzzles!

indoors during Jonas

With all that snow outside, we couldn't stay out there all day. Besides the warm fire roaring in the fireplace, we occupied our indoor time with plenty of activities.

Hot chocolate.


Hair salon.

FaceTiming with the grandparents.





(with snow gear drying all over the place).

snow day!

Yesterday was a snow day, so we ventured outside to play in the snow.

Lydia and Anna set off to make some snowmen.

Heidi climbed the tree . . .

. . . and jumped into the snow from the tree.

The snowmen got dressed.

Jesse skipped the winter play options and opted for his scooter instead.

Except, of course, he went sledding.

2016 blizzard: our weekend with Jonas

We woke up on Saturday morning to drifts of snow all around.

This was as far as the camera went because by the time I followed them out the door, Anna and Jesse were already howling about the wind.

Later that morning, I took Lydia and Heidi sledding.

That's a lot of snow coming down!

During naps, Aaron and I shoveled (and used our neighbor's snow blower).

Lydia and Heidi joined the shoveling effort at the neighbor's while I stayed inside with the winded toddlers. (I snuck outside with my camera for a hot second.)

So much snow still coming down! (That's the view of the back of our house from our neighbor's.)

Come Sunday morning, the sun was out, and we went outside to dig out.

I'm honestly not even sure how much snow we got because of all the drifts, but I read 31.9 inches in Allentown and 22.4 in Philadelphia. We are nearly smack in the middle, so I figure between 23-31 inches of snow come down here. Crazy!!!

(Saturday morning)

(Sunday morning)


We are looking forward to some real snow around here. We couldn't sled or build a snowman with that dusting last weekend - though Lydia gave a valiant attempt on the snowman. (Note her hands and then the pitiful snow pile by her shovel below.)

How much do you think we will get?! We have groceries and firewood and sleds and shovels. So I think we're set!

God heals broken hearts

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

As we have done before, we mailed some bandaids to Nez for her upcoming trip to Kenya. We wanted to make cards again, too. They say, "God heals broken hearts" (just like we read in the Jesus Storybook Bible's: A Servant Girl and the Proud General).

And Jesse has a new "cheese" face.

I wonder where he learned it.