Christmas tree farm

We have come a long way.

Before marriage, Aaron and I debated the real tree versus fake tree theology of Christmas trees (and advise all dating or engaged couples to do the same before their first married Christmas). I think the real one won out at the beginning partly due to the storage of a fake one in our Nashville apartment. (Or that I'm just really stubborn about this issue; but I'll let you be the judge of that one.)

So for the first eight Christmases of our marriage, we've been venturing to Lowe's for our Christmas trees. Last year, we changed course and got one from a local farm - but not a Christmas tree farm; they just had precut ones there. This year, we went all the way. On our way home from church on Sunday, we stopped at Wata Farm, strapped two toddlers into Ergos, and headed out to cut down our Christmas tree.

We found one!