Last year, we attended Aaron's Great-Grammy's birthday breakfast for her ninety-ninth birthday. This year, there was an evening celebration for the one-hundred-year-old birthday girl who reached this centennial event.

We coordinated this effort to photograph Great-Grammy's descendants who were there. She had four children: they and their spouses are sitting next to her. Then their kids and their kids and their kids just piled in - sort of by the families of those four kids. (Nevermind those two on the left side who are no where near their family branch. Haha! =)

This is our local branch - only missing two who were still traveling to the event at the time of this photo. We shall have to photoshop them into the photo.

(For comparative purposes (and for hilarious effect), this is what we looked like at our wedding in 2006, almost ten years ago.)

I digress.

I love when I get to hang out with Great-Grammy. She has so many great stories and experiences raising four children close in age. Her youngest two are thirteen months apart, so she knows my reality with Anna and Jesse who are fourteen months apart. However - obviously - parenting is quite different today than it was for her. Once, Great-Grammy told me how I spend too much time with the kids and that I'm spoiling them. She wasn't being rude; she compared it to her reality, "I put the kids on a blanket under the tree. Then I'd get on the tractor and mow the field. I'd stop back under the tree to pick them off each other and get back on the tractor and finish mowing."

As we were leaving the party with our ear infected Heidi, Great-Grammy told us about how her father used to blow cigarette smoke into her ear when she had an ear ache. "He never smoked otherwise - only if I had an ear ache to blow the smoke in my ear." This is her telling Aaron how to do it. (I snuck this photo with my phone.)

So we stopped for cigarettes on the way home . . . just kidding! But we did think about it . . .

We love this woman! Obviously, my favorite five people wouldn't be here without her, but her heart and love for Jesus are a beautiful testimony and example. I love that we gave our Heidi Eva her name, and I'm so thankful that Heidi has memories with her namesake. Happy Birthday, Great-Grammy!