ice cream glasses

When I was little, someone gave my mom a gift basket filled with six ice cream sundae glasses and toppings galore for ice cream sundaes. My mom passed the glasses along to us when she was cleaning out her cupboards recently. With all this Halloween candy in the cupboards, a make-your-own sundae dessert after dinner seemed in order.

I also (finally) captured Anna's signature silly faces.

This girl is a hoot. Not sure where she gets such encouragement; it's not like anyone else is goofy around here.


  1. Anna in the Susu Hello Kitty pjs making all those Susu-esque faces - awwww.

    1. oh snap: those are PJs? we've been wearing it as a shirt on Lydia, Heidi, and now Anna . . . whoops! (we miss Susu!)


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