Halloween costume parade

At Lydia's school, there is a costume parade in the afternoon on Halloween. (Since Halloween was a Saturday this year, the festivities happened on Friday.) Lydia goes to morning kindergarten, so the two AM kindergarten classes miss the parade. So those two morning kindergarten classes do a costume parade in the morning during which the entire student body comes outside to watch and cheer. It's really sweet and adorable that all the classes seem genuinely excited about watching the little kindergarteners. (Or they're just excited to be outside and not in the classroom, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.)

We all came to watch!

I brought Lydia and Heidi back to school in the afternoon for the big parade. We got there twenty minutes before the start and still had to park on the road far away. There were parents and grandparents galore as the classes paraded the playground lot in their costumes.

The entire staff was dressed as lifeguards: whistles, sunscreened noses, swimmies, beach hats, beach balls.

It was fun to watch neighbors and friends in costume, and Lydia pointed out familiar faces to us. It was a simple, fun event for the school community, and we enjoyed it.

In four years, all four will be in this parade. Four years ago, I only had two kids. Things do change so quickly . . .