a Narnia Halloween

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

When Mama asked us what we wanted to be for Halloween this year, Heidi and I wanted to do a group costume again. I suggested the Pevensie kids (because we loved reading the Chronicles of Narnia series last year). I would be Lucy; Heidi: Susan; Anna: Peter; Jesse: Edmund. Mama helped put my idea into costumes.

We wanted Daddy to be the professor, and the professor owns the wardrobe (how the Pevensie kids get to Narnia in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe).

We also wanted Mama to be the White Witch. (I took this picture.)

We dressed in British school clothes and wore capes and crowns since the Pevensie kids are from England but are also Narnia kings and queens.

We were also equipped with all our gifts from Father Christmas. Peter had a sword and shield; Susan had a horn, bow and arrows with a quiver; I (Lucy) had a dagger and healing cordial. In the book, Edmund is with the White Witch when Father Christmas visits the Pevensies, so he had a bag of "Turkish delight" (or strawberry starbursts in confectionary sugar).

We started our trick or treating adventures by wandering down to Larry and Nancy.

Trick or treat!

Then we hopped in the car to visit our grandparents. We brought the wardrobe with us for the full effect.

Heidi loved to burst out from the wardrobe.

Here we all are!

Happy Halloween from Narnia!