favorite recipes

Happy Halloween! This month's new attempts weren't as successful (or numerous) as last month's, but I still have a couple recipes to share with you! The images belong to the original blogger of the recipe as noted below each image.

Simply Scratch: Roasted Butternut Squash Sausage + Orecchiette Pasta in a Brown Butter Sage Sauce
I've made this one multiple times since 2011. I like it a lot. I use our favorite sausage (a half pound of it - squeeze it from the casings and use it ground instead of sliced) and whatever pasta I want (gemelli is our pantry staple).
image: Simply Scratch

Mel's Kitchen Cafe: My Favorite Kale Salad: {Lemon Vinegarette + Pecan Parmesan}
I had a lot of kale and needed to bring a salad to a family event. We missed most of the meal portion due to naps, so Aaron and I ended up eating most of this ourselves. It was gone by bedtime, so I think that's saying something - especially for a kale salad. =)
image: Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Smitten Kitchen: Oven Fries
We have a lot of potatoes from our CSA, so I tried these. Aaron declared them his favorite fries recipe (that I've attempted anyway).
image: Smitten Kitchen

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Creamy Ham and Potato Soup
I forgot about this recipe, and I just rediscovered it. We still have more potatoes, so we will be eating this one this week.
image: The Girl Who Ate Everything

How Sweet It Is: White Chicken Quinoa Chili
I haven't made this chili for this chili season yet, but it's a good one! Plus, it's easy, and it can also be made ahead of time. I've dropped it off for new baby families as an easy heat up for them.
image: How Sweet It Is

Simply Scratch: Giant Ginger Molasses Cookies
In 2011, I made these, and I loved them. I think I made them again at Christmas time in 2012, but I can't precisely remember.
image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Spiced Molasses Cookies
In 2013, I made these (for Anna's baptism lunch), and I also loved them. I even skipped the glaze and left them plain (as seen in this picture). Now, I can never decide which ones to make when I want a molasses cookie - these or the ones up there - because they are both so good.
image: Simply Scratch

Which molasses cookies would you make?