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favorite recipes

Happy Halloween! This month's new attempts weren't as successful (or numerous) as last month's, but I still have a couple recipes to share with you! The images belong to the original blogger of the recipe as noted below each image.

Simply Scratch: Roasted Butternut Squash Sausage + Orecchiette Pasta in a Brown Butter Sage Sauce
I've made this one multiple times since 2011. I like it a lot. I use our favorite sausage (a half pound of it - squeeze it from the casings and use it ground instead of sliced) and whatever pasta I want (gemelli is our pantry staple).
image: Simply Scratch
Mel's Kitchen Cafe: My Favorite Kale Salad: {Lemon Vinegarette + Pecan Parmesan}
I had a lot of kale and needed to bring a salad to a family event. We missed most of the meal portion due to naps, so Aaron and I ended up eating most of this ourselves. It was gone by bedtime, so I think that's saying something - especially for a kale salad. =)
image: Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Smitten Kitche…

the libary playground

We drove by this on Sunday and returned on Tuesday to check it out in person.

Heidi and Anna were also helpful to catch the "baby" going down the swirly tube slide.

Heidi and Anna loved the tree/leaves climbing section.

There was some hesitation for those first few crosses.

reading to Jesse

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

I love to help put Jesse down for his nap. Sometimes I read his book to him.

bicycle riding

On Saturday, Lydia ditched her training wheels, too!

Now they ask to ride at the trail across the street every afternoon. Before I know it, this will turn into me saying, "Just be home in time for dinner!"

birthday celebration

guest bloggers: Lydia, Heidi, Anna, & Jesse

- - -

We celebrated the birthday boy yesterday!

We started the day with a video text to Daddy singing Happy Birthday.

And we ended the day with some of our favorite (Simply Scratch) recipes: creamy white chicken chili and perfect roasted broccoli with carmelitas for dessert. But first, we had to wear our party hats and give Daddy a present. (Anna told him what it was before he opened it.)

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We love you!

it's your birthday!

I love that guy in the middle more than anything.

I am the luckiest.

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

The Story of God's Love for You

On Sunday, we delivered a belated gift for a boy with a July birthday. Lydia and Heidi are so excited about this book - The Story of God's Love for You - "It's The Jesus Storybook Bible without pictures!"

The girls marked their favorite stories for Austin, and they were excited to show him.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Austin!

pumpkins and monkey bars

On Saturday, we took a hayride to pick pumpkins.

And we popped in at a playground on the way home.

Heidi mastered these monkey bars.

father and son

I love watching Aaron with our girls, but my heart swoons differently when I watch him and Jesse together.

a walkabout in the woods

During a walk through the woods, we visited the deer stands used during hunting season.

Jesse loves to climb anything (especially anywhere he is not supposed to be climbing: tables, bunk bed ladders, baseboard heaters, window sills, etc.).

We also spent awhile at the tireswing, which everyone always loves.