visiting 743

Lydia didn't have school on Wednesday last week, and since the Pope wasn't in Philadelphia yet, we went to visit Aunt Rachel (who lives in our former house!). Anna and Jesse have never been here, and Lydia and Heidi only remember most of this house from photos.

Jesse wasted no time discovering the stairs. He loved them.

While Rachel gave Lydia and Heidi a thorough tour, Anna and Jesse walked with me to the Italian Market. We needed sausage.

Fante's sharpened our knives.

Sarcone's Bakery has some of the best bread there is. (We ate an entire loaf that morning.)

Then we scootered to Seger.

Before we left, we visited Frannie across the street. She fed us cake.

We are probably biased, but Rachel lives on one of the best blocks in Philadelphia. It's so fun to go back to our first home in the city!