our new normal

Lydia goes to the local school for kindergarten. Our school district has half-day kindergarten - which is awesome for us. Mostly. The bus picks Lydia up at the end of our driveway in the morning. Glorious.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, it was decided that the busing provided in the middle of the day to kindergarteners would be cut. Instead, caregivers to kindergarteners - in their vehicles (most of those said vehicles minivans) - all over the district flock to the elementary schools at 11:25am to pick up the students attending the morning kindergarten session.

So sometimes when we (Heidi, Anna, Jesse, and I) are out running errands, we finish too soon. As in, there is not enough time to make another stop at home or a playground before picking up Lydia. But it is also too early to pick up Lydia. Instead of driving around in circles with Jesse hollering for lunch or hating being buckled in his carseat, we head to school and park in the pickup line. We cut the engine and unbuckle the carseats and romp around in the minivan like buffoons until Lydia comes barreling out of the building to the crazy car in the pickup line.

One of the first days, the lady officiating pickup asked me if I was babysitting. I wasn't. It was just us. =)