garden: harvested

I very much failed at providing any type of garden update since telling you of its planting way back in May. So here's a couple snapshots of it green and growing back in the heat of summer.

July 12

July 23

Aaron has already taken his weed wacker to parts of it, so it currently looks naked in spots. We harvested almost everything we planted. The tomatoes were abundant. The peppers are still coming. The green beans came late despite being eaten down by the deer. The broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts didn't make it thanks to some bugs. The peas were sparse because the deer ate them when they were just little buds of green. The watermelons were present but very itty bitty. The marigolds turned into bushes, and the zinneas are still blooming. I just pureed all the pumpkins and roasted the seeds, and the butternut squashes are sitting in a heap in the wheelbarrow in the garage from when I picked them on Wednesday. But I brought this cute kid inside with me.

We have some experience under our belt for next year, (and we really need to not be so lazy at weeding). Nonetheless, hooray for a harvest!