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It was a good month for new recipes over here! The images belong to the original blogger of the recipe as noted below each image. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite finds!

Simply Scratch: Homemade Caramel Sauce
You have to make this first in order to make the next recipe. You will need a whisk. I tried to make this while in Florida without a whisk. It was interesting (messy) (frustrating), but it all worked out in the end.
image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Carmelitas
Laurie - the creator of all the deliciousness over at Simply Scratch - posted this recipe on September 3rd, and on September 24th, I had already made these three times. They are so so so so good. The time it takes to make that caramel sauce is so worth it. (Plus, you will have enough caramel for two batches of Carmelitas.)
image: Simply Scratch

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Artichoke Chicken
This is a simple chicken recipe. We served it up alongside Simply Scratch's Perfect Roasted Broccoli (a staple for us) and a new potato recipe (see below).
image: The Girl Who Ate Everything

What's Gaby Cooking: Garlic Wedge Fries
These are pretty tasty.
image: What's Gaby Cooking

Pioneer Woman: Homemade Pumpkin Puree
Our pumpkins were ready to be picked in August, so by September, they were already softening. I roasted and pureed them before they rotted, so I am now fully loaded for all things pumpkin. (Please send your favorite recipes!)
image: The Pioneer Woman

Simply Recipes: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds via the Ktchn: Good Tip: Brining Pumpkin Seeds
Because after pureeing all of that pumpkin, you gotta do something scrumptious with all of those pumpkin seeds!
image: mine

Simply Scratch: Homemade Rustic Pita Bread
I have a more labor-intensive recipe to share up ahead. First, you need to make some pita bread. It's surprisingly easy and amazingly satisfying to watch dough bubble into bread the oven. I entertained my children for at least a half hour thanks to the oven light and baking one pita at a time (as each takes five minutes to bake).
image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Za'atar
It took me months to find ground sumac. None of my local grocery stores have it. Fortunately, my reliable spice store in the Italian Market had it - even though said store is closed for renovations: the lady at the produce stand across the street is in the interim spice store. You can buy it online, too, if you can't find it anywhere near you.
image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Grilled Za'atar Chicken Thighs
These are delicious - alone or in the recipe below.
image: Simply Scratch

Simply Scratch: Fattoush Salad
Utilizing those three previous recipes (and that ground sumac you finally tracked down), now it's time to assemble this deliciousness. I made this for Aaron one night, and we ate the leftovers stuffed inside a pita. (I always enjoy when the dinner I've prepared looks like it could've come from a restaurant. This is one of those recipes.)
image: Simply Scratch

If it's not already obvious from these monthly recipe posts (and other recipes I've talked about on here in the past), I absolutely love the recipes Laurie creates over at Simply Scratch. It seems only appropriate that I tell you she is releasing her first cookbook in November. I've already preordered one (probably not to anyone's surprise). I'll be sure to tell you all about it in November!