candy corn banner

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

In my High Five magazine this month, the craft was a candy corn banner made from white paper plates. This was very easy: I did it almost all by myself.

Trace a circle in the middle of the plate. Color the outside of the traced circle on the smooth plate surface orange. Color the textured plate surface yellow. Fold the plate into eighths, and cut the plate on the folds. (Mama folded. I cut.) Punch holes in the yellow corners and thread together. Hang it up.

I asked two of our favorite teachers if each wanted one for her classroom. I quickly finished another one the next day, so we made a special delivery to Miss Clemmer's third grade class on Friday.

We borrowed the Little House series while we were there and also browsed the bookshelves for other selections. Elisabeth comes over once every month for dinner and tells us about school, so it was really fun to visit Elisabeth at school! I introduced all of us to her class, and one of the kids said, "My mom's name is Heidi, and my dad's name is Jesse." Isn't that so funny?

I am almost done the next banner, so we will be making another delivery soon!