Sally Lloyd-Jones: The Story of God's Love for You

It's no secret around here how much I love the Jesus Storybook Bible (and its author, Sally Lloyd-Jones). (See here. here. here. here. here.) (And Amazon is likely aware of my love for it as according to my order history, I've ordered the Jesus Storybook Bible at least ten times. (It's currently part of my go-to baby shower gift bundle.))

Anyway, I'm really excited because of an email I got last week. In October, Sally Lloyd-Jones is releasing The Story of God's Love for You, which - as I understand it - is the Jesus Storybook Bible for everyone else who might not pick up a "children's" book.

Just the other day, I was mulling over whether giving the Jesus Storybook Bible to someone I only recently know (a young single someone) would be awkward or not. So nevermind that question: I'll give this instead!

You can preorder now. (Maybe I should just go ahead and order ten to start.) I am looking forward to my mailbox in October!