743 home

Last week, my sister, Rachel, moved into the same house where we first lived in Philadelphia.

So I took a trip down memory lane for comparative purposes as Rachel and her roommates make our former home their home.

Lydia's nursery ready for her arrival (November 2009).

Our first Christmas in Philadelphia (December 2009).

The bathroom (that has since been redone).

Lydia's first birthday party (November 2010).

The bench out front. (We will be bringing it down for you guys!)

Friends visit (January 2011).

Heidi is born (May 2011)!

The kitchen (with the air conditioner in the window) (July 2011).

Heidi moves in with Lydia (August 2011).

The girls loved these stairs.

Heidi learning to walk (April 2012).

Heidi's first steps (May 2012)!

Best street in Philadelphia with these neighbors.

We loved to eat outside: 743 Bistro.

Reading with great-grandparents while I packed the house for the move.

Then we moved (August 2012). Rachel: this is your room!

We are excited to come visit soon and see what you have done with the space!