Moyer 5K

Last week we did a local 5K and kids' race. When I read the description to the girls, once I got to "pizza and popsicles at the finish," they were both ready to run immediately.

We hung out on the swings before the start time.

Here we are at the start!

This is the view from Aaron's cell phone. Can you find Heidi and me?

We almost had a tumultuous start (caught in a domino tripping effect), but we recovered. Phew. (This is a photo from the Moyer Indoor Outdoor Facebook album capturing the collision.)

Check out those fans (another Moyer photo).

Heidi coming to the finish (Moyer's photo).

Lydia finishing (Moyer's photo).

They did it!

Time for the 5K. I ran with Jesse and Anna in the double stroller. Look at those wavers behind the stroller (Big Guy and Nonna) (Moyer's photo).

Can you spot the ruffled skirt cheering on the runners (Moyer's photo)?

Anna and Jesse look as tired as I feel in this photo.

We did it!

Elisabeth ran with us, too!

I spy baby Jesse (another Moyer photo).

Recovering with pizza and popsicles. (And poor Anna is suddenly sick. We had a fever/puke bug last week.)

I have no bucket list goals to run marathons or half marathons or anything more than ten miles, but if my girls or boy want me to run races with them in the future, I'd be game to run with them. Otherwise, I'll stick to these 5K fun runs.