group photos at Fat Camp 2015

We spent the holiday weekend at a favorite place: Keuka Lake. We didn't make it up there last summer at all, and it was so good to be back! I'll start with some of the last photos taken to give you an idea of the crowd up there this year at Fat Camp 2015.

It was our little family.

Plus my brother's family (Ryan and Lauren with Keiper, Kaia, and Selah).

Here's those seven cousins together: Jesse, Heidi, Keiper, Selah, Lydia, Kaia, Anna.

Add in their grandparents, Big Guy and Nonna.

Add in Derek and Bethany and Rachel and here's my family. (Austin wins for his photo-taking skills.)

Plus there was my mom's sister and husband (it's their place where they graciously host all of us!) and three of their four kids plus their spouses and kids. (I did not force them into a group photo.) All in all, when it was time to eat, there were twenty-nine hungry bellies to feed: nineteen adults plus ten children under the age of six - four of them at or under the age of one.

Here is Great-Grandma (my mom's mom) with almost all her great-grandchildren. (My cousin who lives in Georgia with his wife and infant daughter was not there.) Front: Jesse, Selah, Zaelynn, Kaia, Heidi, Quinn. Back: Anna, Lydia, Great-Grandma, Keiper, Lincoln.

Next time, we should try for another cousins photo to compare to this one from 2013 (which is missing five babies and two spouses).