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favorite recipes

So it's the end of July, and apparently, school is starting in Nashville on Monday?! We haven't even gone to the beach yet. Or the mountains. Summer is still in full force up here. So you will find me enjoying a larger than normal quantity of ice cream and garden-fresh vegetables for at least another month. As always: the images belong to the original blogger of the recipe as noted below each image.

Simply Scratch: Bacon + Chicken Chopped Salad with Smoky Cilantro Avocado Dressing
I'm always hungry after salad dinners, but this one was atypically filling.
image: Simply Scratch
Minimalist Baker: Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl
We had broccoli not broccolini. It's too hot to turn the oven on around here, so maybe save this one for the fall.
image: Minimalist Baker
Host the Toast: Indian Spice Rice & Lentil Salad
This is surprisingly fresh and filling with various textures from the crunchy toasted almonds to the juicy golden raisins. (I imagine the chopped cucumbers…

ice cream cones

We tried some new recipes a few weeks ago involving homemade ice cream (with a friend's ice cream maker) and homemade waffle cones (with Nonna's waffle cone maker).

I'm getting better at shaping the cones so they do not have a hole at the bottom. This matters more for some than others as Anna still eats her ice creams cones from the bottom up.

nine years later

We took wedding photos at this park in 2006.

One day last month, I took the kids and my camera to the same spot. (This is also the same park where we ran the 5K earlier this month.)

My wedding bouquet . . .

. . . to a climbing toddler.

(Wedding photos: Doug Burns of Candid Moments Photography.)


Nine years! Aaron and I have been married for nine years! (FourFiveSixSeven. Eight.) And as I combed through our photos over the last year, we (once again!) failed miserably on any photos of just the two of us. There were four. I included them below even though they are mostly terrible. One is a selfie, one is out of focus, and two Lydia took. One of these years, I will do better . . . until then, here are a lot of family photos from our ninth year of marriage.
Our eighth anniversary (July 2014)
Cape May Zoo (August 2014)
Tim & Nicole's wedding (September 2014)

apple picking (October 2014)

a fall festival (October 2014)

family photos (November 2014)

Christmas tree shopping (December 2014)

Great-Grammy turns ninety-nine (December 2014)

Christmas Day (December 2014)

Easter (April 2015)

Jon & Laurie's wedding (May 2015)

Derek's graduation (May 2015)

Keuka Lake (July 2015)

Cow Appreciation Day (July 2015)

Jesse's birthday party (July 2015)

Even though I cann…

birthday balloon wreath

Remember when I made this back in 2010?

It makes a debut at least six times every year for birthdays in our household, and sometimes we bring it out for other birthdays we celebrate here as well (like grandparents or aunts or uncles). But here's a little trip down memory lane to the first birthdays of our favorite four littles.

a visit to Great-Great-Grammy

Last month, we dropped the minivan off for an oil change. While it was there, we wandered with our scooters around to the local park and then over to Great-Great-Grammy's.

Someone needed a bandaid, and Great-Great-Grammy pulled out her band-aid tin. (Why don't they sell band-aids in tins anymore?)

We took pictures with Great-Great-Grammy.

Then we were on our way with our scooters to pick up the minivan.