Last week, we arranged one-on-one time with Nana, Nonna, and Mama (plus Jesse - so technically not one-on-one but almost). On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we cycled the girls through time with each of us. Visits to Great-Great-Grammy, reading books, lunch dates, library visits, Costco, Chick-fil-a playgrounds, pet stores, Wawa soft pretzels . . . I think everyone enjoyed it.

Pop-Pop and Nana feed us constantly with their garden bounty and chicken eggs, mow our lawn, rescue little girls from long car rides to the grocery store, provide library trips, and babysit at the last minute.

These two - Big Guy and Nonna - live seven minutes down the road - no traffic lights, just four stop signs away. They likely serve up more lunches and dinners and snacks in the summer months than we eat at home as we spend all these hot summer days in the pool. (There is also no way I'd ever be able to take all four of these kiddos swimming by myself.)

We are thankful that in this season of life, we live here so close to our parents. When asked what they miss/don't miss about living in the city anymore, the girls always report, "the car ride to our grandparents is so fast. We don't have to ride on the Schuylkill." (Amen.)