Yesterday, we met up with Wendy and her four kids at our favorite park/creek/playground. (They are in town for a few weeks, so we are cramming in fun times with them. We last saw them in June of 2014, and we've each added a fourth baby since our last gathering. Hah!)

We started at the creek to catch crayfish. (This spot is close to Wendy's parents house: she grew up riding her bike here to catch crayfish.)

And by "we" I mean Wendy. I caught one (but it sloshed out of the bucket - I failed), and Wendy caught the other three.

And while the older kids scoured for crayfish, Jesse played in the mud.

After three girls and noticing personality differences between each of them, this boy is too funny to watch. His personality traits can be similar sometimes, but in some ways, the gender difference is so glaring.