a Philadelphia visit

Jesse and I spent Monday into Tuesday in the city. Our commute in was painful on Monday afternoon, but we finally made it. I turned around to text Nicole that Tim had let us in, and in those thirty seconds, Jesse had already eaten dirt from the plant in the kitchen. (Tim and Nicole's house is not ready for the crawling-and-puts-everything-in-the-mouth crowd.)

Fortunately, I remembered to pack the handiest contraption I may have ever made and strapped Jesse to a chair.

For bedtime, I redecorated Tim and Nicole's beautiful (and very bright!) living room with trash bags over the windows to calm the screaming baby who didn't want to go to sleep at eight o'clock with the sun in his eyes. (Babies can really be so high maintenance sometimes.)

On Tuesday morning, I gave Jesse a tour of some of our former stomping grounds - the Italian Market for tortillas, Whole Foods for a case of champagne mangos, and Seger Playground - complete with the weekly Tuesday morning playgroup from our church in Philadelphia where the babies we left are now talking and walking toddlers. (Look at those saggy baggy elephant ankles!)

Philly, we miss your tortillas and walkability and familiar faces. We do not, however, miss your poor-tasting water or concrete jungle-ness. We'll come back and visit, you, Philly, but we likely won't stay. Don't feel too badly about this: it's not you; it's us. =)