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favorite recipes

I'm always on the prowl for meatless dinner options that are filling and simple. Here's two wins we've found recently (and two oldies we still enjoy). As per my standard clarifier, the images belong to the original blogger of the recipe as noted below each image.

The First Mess: Simple Grilled Sweet Potato + Black Bean Burrito Bowls (with spicy cumin garlic drizzle)
I gave the girls plain black beans and raw red peppers instead, and they cleared their plates multiple times. We all enjoyed this dinner. Another vegetarian entree for the win.
image: The First Mess
The Pioneer Woman: Black Bean Burger
I used Trader Joe's Cuban Style Black Beans. We grilled these on the grill instead of in oil/butter. I also dressed mine in avocado. These were yummy.
image: The Pioneer Woman
Vanilla Joy: Dominican Beans and Rice
Clearly, we like black beans around here . . .
image: Vanilla Joy
The Pioneer Woman: Portobello-Prosciutto Burgers
I haven't made these in at least a year, and…


Sometimes, the silence doesn't mean trouble.

But only sometimes.

car ramp

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

I love this car ramp.

Mama will hear me giggling from the kitchen and find me sitting here putting cars down the ramp over and over and over again.

celebrating Heidi's birthday

We spent Friday celebrating our favorite Heidi. Here's the bride in her birthday hat stirring the pancake batter.


To a favorite spot: Branchwood Park.

Picnic lunch in the sun.


Presents before dinner.


Cake balls.

Heidi is taller than Lydia was at four-years-old, and Heidi is pretty excited about that fact.

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

bride and bridesmaid

Heidi asked for a bride's dress for her birthday. My mom still had the flower girl dress I wore and a junior bridesmaid dress my sister wore tucked away in the basement somewhere. She dropped them off the morning of Heidi's birthday, and these two spent the day as bride and bridesmaid, complete with a ceremony and photos afterwards.

These two . . .

If they do marry someday, I hope and pray each has someone awesome with whom to do life.
Someone to love her in the joys and sorrows, beauty and junk.
Someone who makes laboring babies into this world together a favorite pastime.
Someone who forgives her like Jesus.
Someone just like her daddy.

I am the luckiest. (Ben Folds)


Heidi turns four today!






Heidi, I love the energy you bring to our home! Your love for people is wide and deep. May your heart always be so generous. Happy Birthday, Heidi-bear!

new pool liner

Over at Big Guy's and Nonna's, the new pool liner is in! It is a different blue than the previous liner.

Compared to the aqua of 2007 . . .

. . . it's a new look!

If you're looking for us this summer on a hot and sunny day, you're likely to find us here!