guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

I am nine-months-old today! And I hear it's April Fool's Day, but the last few days have been no joke around here! On Monday, Mama did not like the way my chest was retracting and my nostrils were flaring. So she took me to the pediatrician where they gave me this mask.

I fell asleep afterwards.

But the doctor sent me to the emergency room.

I did not like when they suctioned my nose.

The chest x-ray was kind of fun.

They told me I had RSV, so I didn't need an IV or any antibiotics. We finally got a room, and I nursed and went to sleep.

On Tuesday morning, I was already doing better.

 But I still had a lot of congestion.

I had this awesome high chair in my room, and I ate some Cheerios and played with a white tiger.

The hospital gown here was this Carter's pajamas with a hole cut out for all my cords. See my glowing toe?

Then my Daddy and sisters came to visit! (And I needed new hospital clothes because I had a coughing fit and threw up on my other one right before they arrived for the visit.)

We found this book in our room.

I couldn't go to the playroom because I was on contact and droplet precautions, but my sisters went and brought me back some fun things.

And because of those precautions, all the nurses and doctors and respiratory therapists who came in my room had to wear these blue trash bags and masks and gloves.

That doctor there told me I could go home, so while Daddy and Mama learned about the nebulizer, we watched some Daniel Tiger.

And now I am home! I fell asleep in the car on the way home and took a four-hour nap. It's kind of hard to sleep in a hospital, you know, so I was really tired.

Thank you for all your prayers! I am already feeling so much better.