cousin's kids

My cousin in Virginia (Brittany) was in town last week, and on a rainy Friday, we hung out.

[Way back when Brittany was pregnant with Elsie, I wrote the "dear brittany" post about baby gear I love. I included this disclaimer: "Ahem, Bcuz is Brittany's nickname for our notes. You know - where we wrote notes back and forth to each other during class. We went to the same high school and sat next to each other in Mr. Rohner's homeroom (same last name). We are less than three months apart. We each got married less than three months apart, and we missed each others' weddings. We both married boys who had names already possessed by one of our cousins (Aaron and Nate). I think that about covers the basics." The disclaimer needs updating. Brittany has two daughters: Elsie and Evrin. Elsie and Anna are exactly five months apart (November 20 and April 20), and Jesse and Evrin are two months and one day apart (July 1 and September 2). So it's just a party when we are together.]

As always, my girls love babies. (I'm not sure how Anna missed out on holding Evrin.)

We took this one for our grandparents (our kids' Great-Mom-Mom and Great-Pop-Pop) in Florida. We miss you!

Thanks for coming, Britt! Let me know when your neighborhood splash pool is open and ready for a party.