celebrating Anna

Yesterday's original plans for Anna's birthday were washed out with the rainy weather, but we still fulfilled the main goal of a birthday: celebrating the birthday girl! There were "swim lessons" in the living room and favorite foods and a revolving door of birthday visitors and greetings (both in real life and virtual). We started with lemon poppy seed pancakes for breakfast.

Lydia and Heidi made Anna's gifts, so they were so excited to give them to her. (The Daniel Tiger influence: "making something is one way to say I love you.")

(Jesse photobombing.)

Anna also received new sunglasses, and she put them on immediately.

Anna's most favorite socks grew holes in them, so Lydia sewed them together to make pants (a strapless romper?) for Anna's "fat baby." And Heidi sewed and stuffed a pillow.

This photo captures Anna's second birthday in one snap.

Anna wore her sunglasses all through dinner and dessert (ice cream cones and cake balls).

We marked her spot on the ruler! (She grew six inches since last year, but she's still so tiny!)

You are so loved, Anna-girl. We had so much fun celebrating you with you on your birthday!