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favorite recipes

Get out the grill for these recipes: it's time to eat outside! The images belong to the original blogger of the recipe as noted below each image.

Pecan-Crusted Pork Pinwheels with Carolina Mustard Sauce
Aaron's parents saw this recipe in the local newspaper before Aaron and I were married, and we have been making them ever since. We don't usually use a tenderloin; we use a boneless pork loin. We serve it with rice (drenched in sauce) because I need something else to eat as an excuse to eat more of the delicious carolina mustard sauce.
image: Hatfield Quality Meats
Pioneer Woman: Green Chili Chicken
This recipe is a little premature as our garden explodes with peppers in August and September. Nonetheless, it's delicious.
imgae: The Pioneer Woman
Kraft: Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs
I know, Kraft. BUT. Trust me here. Skip all the Kraft ingredients. Use whatever mayonnaise you want (or skip it entirely). Substitute Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing for Kraft's Greek Vin…


Lydia loves to write, so she's always finding things to use to practice writing. In this case, she found flashcards, so I sat down with her (with my camera) while she wrote and chatted.

map puzzle

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Instead of the ABCs, I ask Mama to sing the states song to me when I brush my teeth because I love to do the map puzzle.

city visit to the dentist

Last week, we trekked into Philadelphia to visit our favorite dentist, Dr. George. (He's worth the trip: the girls walk right in to the exam rooms without me, no fuss.)

This was Anna's first time getting her teeth cleaned. Daniel Tiger and Anna's baby kept her company during the cleaning while some little round cereal o's kept Jesse company in the stroller in the corner.

When Anna was done, we went to the other examination room to meet up with Lydia and Heidi who were just finishing up with Danielle, the hygienist. So it was time for Dr. George to check out their teeth.

When we were done, the girls used their coins in their goodie bags (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss) to pick a prize.

Afterwards, we walked a few blocks to our old stomping ground: Seger Playground. (I didn't expect the swings to be available, but we lucked out.)

The traffic getting into the city was terrible thanks to an earlier accident, but we survived the long car ride thanks in large part to th…

stick thrower

Last week we spent one morning at a favorite place, Branchwood Park. We ate our lunch down by the water.

The girls declared themselves as fishermen.

Look out for that little stick thrower.

sliding sisters


swim lessons in the living room

On Anna's rainy birthday on Monday, the girls put on their bathing suits and rash guards and set up swim lessons in the living room. Using all their blue and green blankets, they created water.

They jumped in the water.

Naturally, they had to swim under water, too.

Of course, swimming makes one wet. So they headed outside to get wet.

The rain was only a drizzle at this point, so they opted for dipping their hair into puddles instead.

I'm blatantly biased, but I have three of the best daughters out there. I love them to pieces.