Laurie's bridal shower brunch

We are launching into a rerun of last spring where one of our brothers gets married in May. Last year it was my brother, Derek, marrying Bethany. This year it is Aaron's brother, Jon, marrying Laurie. First, there is the bridal shower. Then the new outfits for the kids appear on Easter and go back into the closet to hide until the wedding. So on Saturday, the rerun launched as we hosted the shower, a brunch with the bride, with the groom's family - aunts and cousins.

I repurposed my red polka-dot banner and opted for daffodils as available flowers this time of year. So I attempted red and yellow decor that wouldn't look like ketchup and mustard.

I grabbed some paper lanterns from Target on clearance and made some tissue paper poofs to hang with them. (I cannot make big poofs look nice, no matter how hard I try. I am only capable of making small ones. (That semi-large yellow one is a fluke. I couldn't replicate it despite numerous attempts.))

These kids are ready to party.

Crepe paper tassel garland. (I referenced this tutorial but piled ten strips of two-feet long strips for each tassel).

Of course, there was food! I love to bake and cook almost as much as I love to eat.

Lydia and Heidi made labels for the utensils. (I wrapped twine on wide-mouth mason jars: start at the bottom.)

Crustless spinach quiche (hiding/staying warm under the towel) and broccoli and cheese quiche.

Chopped Thai salad with garlic sesame dressing. 

Spring quinoa salad with honey vinaigrette dressing.

Ruby red grapefruit sour cream cake.

Flourless chocolate torte (Lessa's recipe again - I'll post it with my March recipe round-up if Lessa approves) with roasted red wine + raspberry sauce.

Soft and chewy fruit and nut granola (minus the dried fruit), yogurt, and fresh berries.

Daffodils! (Mason jar wrapped with burlap and crochet lace (which I got from the Target dollar spot in February).)

Balloon garland in the front window.

Drink station: morning brunch punch (which I did not like - oops!), water, and coffee. I made two flavored creamers: mocha java and vanilla latte.

We wanted to share some family stories and pictures with Laurie from when the groom was younger. Aaron's mom pulled together these two boards of photos.

Jesse helped greet the guests as they arrived since my other greeters (Lydia, Heidi, and Anna) went MIA.

Time for the presents.

I really liked her new dutch oven (especially as I do not have one).

We shared stories and ate more food into the early afternoon. We enjoyed celebrating you, Laurie!