juice glasses

Sometimes I get weirdly excited about little things, like these little glasses.

(And then I share my enthusiasm on here.)

Somehow we didn't have any juice glasses, and the girls - especially Anna - struggled with the 20-oz glasses. So after some extended googling and review reading, I decided on the Bormioli Rocco Cana Lisa 6-ounce juice glasses. They come in a set of six. On Amazon, they're $25, but at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, they're $4.99, plus shipping (that costs more than the item ($5.99)) but that total is still significantly cheaper than Amazon. So I ordered two sets from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

They're a hit all around.

Little glasses perfect for little hands.

And the tempered glass has proven them to be indestructible so far, despite a couple of plummets from the counter to the floor in the kitchen. We give them five stars around here.