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favorite recipes

Based on feedback from texts and emails, my friends enjoyed my recipe sharing. Yay! So here's a rundown of some favorites from February.

As before, the (beautiful) images belong to the original blogger of the recipe, as noted below each image.

Pinch of Yum: Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeno Sauce
How can one go wrong with beer battered fish? =) I used tilapia instead of cod because that's what I had. The jalapeno sauce is delicious, not spicy. Served with a side of black beans (one can black beans + 1/2 tsp cumin + 1/2 tsp chili powder: simmered and smushed) and the girls' plates are clean within minutes.
image: Pinch of Yum
The Girl Who Ate Everything: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Ritz Bars
The girls helped me make these, and we all enjoyed them.
image: The Girl Who Ate Everything
Foodie With Family:English Muffin Bread
I originally saw this one featured on the Tasty Kitchen Blog, but the original post gives the "half-size" recipe (which still makes two loaves …

save a drink. save a life

Lent started last week, so we are already over a week into our annual forty days of water.

I'm also drinking water from an ApaViata glass water bottle where $2 from each bottle sale goes to help build clean water wells.

So besides this being made by a company with a mission I can get behind, this water bottle is great. That sleeve solves the condensation problem I always have with my love of ice cold water. And while I am definitely late to the "no-plastic-water-bottle" party, I am enjoying drinking water from a glass.

I'm just sharing things I love here, no affiliate links or anything. But if you do want to help provide clean drinking water without committing to forty days of water, you can donate here to the project in Rwanda.

living at the mercy of the telephone

I am a little bit stuck on these words from C. S. Lewis in Prince Caspian, as spoken by Edmund Pevensie reflecting on the magic of Susan's horn. "Golly! It's a bit uncomfortable to know that we can be whistled for like that. It's worse than what Father says about living at the mercy of the telephone."

So true! What would Mr. Pevensie think about smart phones? Text messaging? Twitter?

I have a love-hate relationship with my phone and all of its social media capabilities. I capture everyday moments of life with my four kids with the camera and video features. I stream Pandora for a spontaneous dance party to the television with Google Chromecast. I pull up new recipes in the kitchen with my Feedly app. We chat face-to-face when real life isn't possible with FaceTime. But way too often a text message or phone call interrupts a game of UNO or coloring or building cup towers. I try to leave my phone on top of the refrigerator or in another room whenever I remember…

a birthday

My brother was in town for a hot second over the weekend. My dad's birthday was also this weekend, so we had a birthday celebration dinner. Happy Birthday, Dad! You are the best at just being present in the moment. Each of your seven grandchildren experiences this gift of your intentional presence (and play!), and each is richer for it.

Finger wagging. Kaia pouting.

Grandkids blowing out the candles.

lions and dragons

We have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia with Lydia and Heidi. We have made our way through four books (The Magician's Nephew, The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and are currently reading The Silver Chair. The stories and characters have infiltrated all aspects of our lives from the girls' make believe games and imaginary friends (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are frequently the names of the "kids in their class" at their "school") to their coloring.

Lydia drew this photo of Aslan (the lion) with Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, Digory, and Polly.

Here's Heidi's rendition of the same group.

Yesterday, Lydia drew Eustice when he was a dragon. "I tried to draw what I imagined in my head, but it doesn't quite look the same."

I hope our time reading together is birthing a love for reading and stories. Because stories . . . well, I think C. S. Lewis paints a beautiful picture of just one of…

crib chew toy

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

I'm up from my nap!

Anna loves to visit me in my crib when I wake up.

Yes, I am teething.

How did you know?

snow and sun

More snow . . . but lots of sunshine!

a baby and his blocks

Chubby baby hands are the best.

Dimpled knuckles.

Hello, eyelashes.


guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

Nice shoveling, Daddy!

Think he can hear me?

Dad! Dad! In here!

Nice work!

Daddy's girls

These girls have one of the best.

heart biscuits

The girls love a heart theme for Valentine's Day - clothes, food, crafts, etc.

So we had sausage gravy with heart shaped biscuits.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Trader Joe's little carts

I remembered to take a picture yesterday of our Trader Joe's biweekly entertainment.

We have always enjoyed Trader Joe's. The tiny shopping carts at this location just catapulted it into exciting. =)


I could have spun Jesse around to face the light for better photos, but he was also watching his sisters.

So I went with it. =)


Anna and Jesse had a lot of fun with the green balls at Big Guy's and Nonna's on Saturday.

Jesse liked to chew on one.

And Anna threw hers around the room. (She always starts her throw from the top of her head.)