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go fish

We play a lot of card games around here.

"Got any nines?"

"Got any tens?"

"Mama, I think she's beating you."

favorite recipes

Because I very much enjoy cooking, I'm always trying new recipes from my favorite food blogs. I'm not very creative in the kitchen, but I'm really good at following directions. So with a good recipe in hand, I can cook many things! The problem is that I often forget which recipes I've tried. Since I can't search within feedly (with my free version) like I could in Google Reader (RIP Google Reader - I still miss you), recipes I tried and loved sometimes disappear into the abyss of saved items I cannot find. I know there is Pinterest, but I forget which ones I've tried there, too. So I'm trying to email them to myself and then label them "YUM," but sometimes I also email them to friends. So then they get cluttered by email conversations.

Henceforth, I will be compiling a monthly post with my favorite new (or newish) recipes from the past month. It's totally for my own reference, but maybe you'll also find it useful (and not need to call me a…

four on the couch

I forget what had them so engrossed here (especially since my phone is most often off limits),

but it turned into a sibling photo shoot

until Anna got her hair pulled.

The naughty hair puller.


I recently realized I didn't have a photo of Jesse in the exersaucer, despite the frequent amount of time he spends in it. Then I realized that's because I put him in there so I can accomplish something - prepare a meal, do the dishes, play UNO with Lydia and Heidi, etc. - not to take a picture of him. Hah! But the other day I took a picture. (His hair is certainly not lacking in volume. That is not static, just style.)

playground bridge

On Friday, I had somewhat grand expectations to enjoy the above freezing temperatures at a sunny playground.

Unfortunately, Anna fell into a puddle as soon as we stepped out of the van. Blah. So our time there was short (since Anna was quickly freezing). But Anna did have fun conquering this tricky bridge before her legs turned to icicles.


Anna routinely rips out her ponytails and pigtails, so I attempted another hairstyle for her.

She gladly keeps them in (and even stands still for me to put them in).

The only problem is how old she suddenly looks . . .

an MLK Day celebration, of sorts

On Monday, we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Some friends from Nashville annually travel to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee on MLK Day where they read King's famous "I have a dream" speech. (Below is a video about their excursion.)

I've wanted to do something similar, but MLK Day snuck up on me this year. So my plans went from us and some friends to just us (plus Nonna).
When Jesse and Anna went down for naps, I watched the end of the "I have a dream" speech with Lydia and Heidi. (Thank you, YouTube.) We talked about the gospel and how we are beautiful because God loves us, how God looks at our hearts - not outward appearances (I Samuel 16:7), and how we are all one body in Christ (Colossians 3:11-17). We talked about how Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted these things to be true for his children, and we still want those things to be true for us today. 
And then, after naps, we set off on our adventure to a park. We attempted to find an over…

cup tower

What brings these four siblings together? Stacking cups. The bigs build it up, and the littles knock it over. (Anna harnessed her enthusiasm well to allow Jesse to have a turn or two.)

floor lounging with Evrin

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

Yesterday, my mama's cousin, Brittany, and her two girls came over for the morning. Evrin and I hung out on the floor for a bit.

Oh, yikes, Evrin, you okay?

Yeh, she's good.

I scooted backwards while Evrin did the worm. (She's pretty good at it.)

Think you could teach me that sometime?