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cousins lunch

On Sunday, we hosted one last Christmas gathering with Aaron's cousins.

Since Grammy and Pop-Pop haven't left for Florida yet, they came, too.

Grammy and Pop-Pop with their nine grandkids (plus spouses/fianc├ęs/significant others (but missing Ben!)) and seven great-grandchildren.

And since we forgot to take a family photo on the front end of celebrations, here we are at the end of them all.

Merry Christmas one last time!

the day after Christmas

We started off Saturday with a family breakfast.

Our branch of the family then headed back to Big Guy's and Nonna's for our Christmas celebration.

Someone refused to nap and was up past his bedtime eating pound cake with icing. Merry Christmas to Jesse.

We came home for a sleepover by the Christmas tree in the new sleeping bags. (Jesse boycotted his setup and opted for his crib instead.)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we headed over to Pop-Pop's and Nana's in the morning.

Aunt Helen was there!

Helen's sister, Liz, was there, too. (Liz is the one who helped build the dollhouse back in 2012-2013.) These two sets of sisters had way too much fun with this glitter craft.

I'm really not sure who was having more fun. =)

After naps at home, we headed to Big Guy's and Nonna's for Christmas dinner.

We did gifts with Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Mom-Mom.

With seven of their ten great-grandchildren here!

our Christmas (on Christmas Eve)

We spent December 24th celebrating with our Christmas traditions. We started with breakfast, but Anna slept late, so everyone got dressed waiting and forewent the Christmas pajamas attire.

 (The late sleeper also gave me extra time at the griddle, so I even made some pancake letters.)

Heidi saved her antlers for last.

The girls admired their first Christmas hands on the tablecloth while we ate.

Then we migrated to the family room to open our stockings and presents.

Now each kid has his/her own sleeping bag!

Time to trace our hands on the tablecloth.

Is this really December weather?

We dropped in to visit Great-Great-Grammy.

Self-timer photo.

The two Evas.

We also checked in on Great-Pop-Pop (since he and Great-Grammy haven't left for Florida yet).

For our Christmas dinner, we had stuffed shells. We ate them all.

The kids dressed in their Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve candlelight service as it was starting at their normal bedtime. They loved singing Silent Night with thei…