welcome (to the dollhouse) home!

I finally added the new additions in the family to the wooden dollhouse. Meet Selah and Jesse (beneath the dollhouse's birthday banner (because it was the easiest cutest thing to make so why not?)).

(Again, no idea why the "boy" dolls are so tiny compared to the "girl" dolls. At least Jesse is in good company with his cousin, Keiper.)

I thought about using this for our Christmas card. (I should've used a different aperture on this photo. Please disregard the blurry children.)

Here's my brother's updated crew.

Here's my side of the family that lives in the dollhouse.

Here we are in real life for comparative purposes. (Photo by Stoltzfus Photography.)

I think we're basically identical. (Hah!) (Did I ever tell you about the time we were FaceTiming with Aunt Bethany when Heidi sprinted to the dollhouse and returned shouting, "Look, Aunt Bethany! You match your doll!")

Aaron's side of the family hasn't changed - yet; his brother is recently engaged (hooray!). But I wasn't up for the challenge of painting an adult doll with little people running around. Since it took me so many months to get two new babies done, I figure I at least have until the wedding to get the next batch done. =)