Christmas cards

I stuffed and addressed our Christmas cards, but I called upon my favorite helpers to handle the stamping. First, we needed to choose our stamps. Of course, they picked the Rudolph ones.

But, they expressed concern over the monster (Bumble) and affirmed they'd only put that stamp on cards for people who don't have little kids. So, first I stacked our Christmas cards into "have little kids" and "don't have little kids." (The stacking didn't help. They still asked me, "Do these people have little kids?" with each and every envelope.)

There's Heidi asking me, "Do these people have little kids?"

We dropped them off at the post office yesterday, so they are on the way!


  1. Keip would love the A Snowman!

  2. Just got ours- so cute to see this "behind the scenes" moment :)


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