all because two people fell in love

On the Saturday after Christmas, we snuck in a family breakfast even though it wasn't the fifth Saturday of the month. Uncle Tim and his family were in town from Georgia, so the entire family was together for the first time since . . . I don't know, actually. All forty of us (and one more as one cousin's plus-one) were there: two grandparents, eight aunts and uncles, fourteen cousins, six cousin-spouses, ten cousin-babies. (And two of my grandparents' siblings were there, too.)

The kids' table was happily entertained for a good hour by a pack of new markers from Christmas stockings. (And the blank paper placemats doubled as plenty of drawing paper.)

Then the kids' table dissolved as the kids chose laps instead of chairs.

My cousin, Wayne, took multiple family photos - and one group photo, but I don't have them to show you at the moment.

Nonetheless, it's amazing/overwhelming/awesome to see an entire room full of people that exist from what started as one small branch of a family tree. As that Brad Paisley country song sings, "all because two people fell in love."