Lydia turns five

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Yesterday, I turned five! But my birthday celebration started on Friday night when Big Guy and Nonna picked us (Heidi and me) up for a sleepover.

I even got to open a present before I left my house.

I am so excited about these tights!

On Saturday (after a fun morning of a hair salon and tea party with Nonna and Heidi), Big Guy and Nonna gave me a birthday dinner (which we did at my house so Jesse could go to bed).

I put my new sweater on right away! (And, see? I was already wearing my new tights!)

On Sunday morning, I enjoyed a birthday breakfast (french toast, bacon, and eggs!) and loved reading "A Birthday for Frances" which Heidi gave me. (I love those Frances books!)

After church, we made a fire in the fireplace and hung out together in the warm family room. And I clipped my birthday balloon to my head.

When Mama measured me on the ruler, I grew three inches since my birthday last year!

Birthday celebrations are so much fun. I had a great day (and weekend)!