eleven o'clock

Yesterday we attempted to attend a story time at the local book store with Nana. Three out of my four children ended up crying during our twenty minutes there: one wanted to nap; one wanted to bring home a keychain kitty; one was afraid the Grinch was going to be there. I want to say that I probably should have just stayed home, but our time at the bike shop and park before the book store were quite enjoyable. You win some; you lose some. =) (Next time we will just stay at the park - and bring our scooters and stroller to zip over to Great-Grammy's and Great-Pop-Pop's house.)

But my theory to never do things at eleven o'clock - our typical lunch time - was proven to be spot on - unless, of course, a packed lunch (or free food) is involved. Like last week when we went to IKEA where kids eat free on Tuesdays!