"TimAndNicole" wedding

Heidi refers to Tim and Nicole in one breath: TimAndNicole. Since we didn't schlep all four of our kids across three states to their Michigan wedding, Lydia and Heidi wanted to see plenty of pictures from the wedding. I am no wedding photographer, but I wanted to at least attempt a meager picture of how well Tim and Nicole infused their creativity and talents into their wedding.

Upon arrival to the church (at the same church Nicole's parents and grandparents were married) was Tim's sign (the one he was painting in my post the other day).

This dapper gentleman handed out programs.

Tim approached his bride before that part came in the ceremony. It was awesome.

(I had a good seat for that above photo until Jesse threatened to scream during the vows. So I watched from the lobby instead.)

Over at the reception venue (Windmill Island Gardens in Holland, Michigan), the weather was amazing.

The birch tree trunks were used for seating cards and table number cards. (I think they were made/cut/prepped by her grandfather, too, but I forget.)

Tim drew various seats on this sign which matched the backs of each seating card as each card had one of those chairs on it.

Inside the tent at the reception.

More paintings by Tim. And Tim loves coffee.

Nicole baked all the desserts the week before the wedding. (It's one of our common loves - baking and food.)

Here's the sign (when it was still sitting at Nicole's parents' house).

Jesse took a few snoozes throughout the evening (to rest up for the dancing, of course).

The schedule of events on one side and the menu on the other.

The food was delicious!

Nicole's brother-in-law, Zach (her twin sister's husband), played the music for the ceremony and during their first dance. He's excellent.

I remembered to get a picture with the bride and groom!

It was a beautiful wedding to celebrate two gorgeous people, inside and out. We enjoyed being a part of the preparations and celebrations, spending time with some of their favorite people along the way, high school friends, family, roommates. We love these two so much. I really miss our weekly meals together (where I tried out new recipes on them) before talking and praying through life together. But I'm still thankful for the times we get to hang out now, no matter how infrequent they may be. (I just go a little crazy and cook a lot of new recipes when they come to visit. =)


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