Lydia's flamingo princess birthday party

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Lydia! Her birthday is still a few weeks away, but we had the party while her cousins were in town (and while it was still warm enough to be outside for a party!).

Lydia requested a "flamingo princess party." Nonna discovered a collection of flamingos in her classroom that she recently brought back to her house for the girls when they visit. So, first, we borrowed the flamingos and dressed them in some princess attire to add to the decorations. We headed over to our favorite playground, Branchwood Park (with our (free) party permit in hand), to decorate the pavilion.

The birthday girl opted for a pink tulle skirt with her flamingo dress.

Then we waited on the swings for the guests to arrive.

Our guests arrived, and birthday hats were distributed.

Keiper and Heidi gave some rides on the merry-go-round.

Multiple children piled into the tunnel slide.

There was more swinging.

The guests grew hungry with all their running, so we took a break for snacks! (Popcorn, apples, carrots, red peppers, raisins, and cheese.)

 Of course there was cake - in the form of cake pops!

There were presents!

And the party ended with an awesome game of duck-duck-goose.

Happy Birthday, Lydia, the (almost) five-year-old flamingo princess. =)


  1. What great memories this post stirred up for me! That is the park down the street from where I grew up. My boys and I love to go there when we come home to visit! Thanks for the smiles :)


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