Lake Ontario

We still had time before the dinner reservation when we left Watkins Glen. Being as we saw Lake Michigan the previous weekend when in Holland for the wedding of Tim and Nicole, I figured we should stop by another Great Lake - Lake Ontario - when in Rochester for the birthday celebration for my brother. My parents and brother, Derek, and sister-in-law, Bethany, joined us.

I'm thirty-one, and somehow I had never seen any of the great lakes prior to our weekend in Michigan. So Jesse, at just three months, has already visited two of the five while his sisters have yet to visit any. I guess sometimes there are perks to being the youngest.

So we drove from Watkins Glen on Seneca Lake to Ontario Beach on Lake Ontario.

We walked out this really really long pier.

It was very cold and windy.

We almost lost Uncle Derek, but fortunately there are ladders along the pier.

His bride must really appreciate those ladders.

The wind blew Mom's eyes shut.

Beautiful Lake Ontario.

There was a carousel at the park, so we took a quick ride before heading to dinner.

They very intentionally chose these ostriches.


  1. That is a great (half of the) family photo. Looks windy!

  2. In a few years, when all our kiddos are older, you'll have to visit us on the shores of Lake Erie :) and pay a visit to Cedar Point.


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