"God never hides in the bathroom."

My parents watched the girls last weekend while we were in Michigan. They gave the girls some pumpkins at a fall festival, suggesting to the girls, "maybe you can paint these with Mama."

So we all put on our paint clothes, and I took a picture.

Here is Anna in action . . .

. . . right before she put the paintbrush in her mouth.

So Anna was done painting. And then Jesse started screaming. And then I don't remember what else went down, but I do know that we finished. And no one yelled or cried (including me) and no one tracked paint through the house. Success! Sort of? =)

I read a blog post on Wednesday "Finding Him in the Crazy" and I very much identified with her "God never hides in the bathroom" reflection:

"And oh how they need me- the waitress, the chef, the house keeper, the counselor, the chauffeur, the secretary, the baby whisperer. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes I hide in the bathroom. I grumble under my breath with a scowl…Oh how they need me. In the bathroom, I call out His name. I repeat it a few times. I take a deep breath in, taking in peace and this time I whisper it slow, with a smile…Oh how they need me. Gratitude wins the fight against grumbling. There was a day when no one needed me. Life wasn’t demanding at all and I wept in the silence. And then a deeper thought comes- I am needy. All the time, and He never tires of me. God never hides in the bathroom. Gratitude charges deeper in my weary heart and I open the bathroom door to re-enter the noise with perspective, with joy. Jesus."

I frequently mull over how much parenting teaches me about God's love for me. And I think her sentence sums up what I've said to Aaron (and other mamas) about how patient and loving God is with me and how poorly I often reflect that same patience and love in my parenting. I do not think I am the only mother to retreat into the bathroom and close the door while little fingers peak under the door (or loud crying echoes behind the closed door). So I love the reminder: God never hides in the bathroom. He never tires of my needy self.

Thanks be to God.


  1. Love this Danielle! I remember the days of retreating to the bathroom for some peace....with one word "Jesus" to try to grasp some sanity. You family is beautiful and love to follow your blog/pictures. You are doing the most important "work" you will ever do. Bless you and Aaron!!

  2. Thank you for this- great reminder! I remember crying in the bathroom bc I wasn't pregnant, and now I go in there to hide (and cry) bc I have 4 needy littles


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